Day One is over...!

04/04/2014 23:52

Well day one of the 6th Moray International Bonspiel is over with out any problems. Fun has been had by all and we would like to tahnk all the teams for entering into the bonspiel this year! Group 1 has completed 3 games with their last 2 games tomorrow. Group 2 have 3 games tomorrow before the split into the High Road and Low Roadon Sunday.

It was a great pleasure to have the Presentation to Gregor Ewan and Jim Gault by the Moray Province in between games today! What they have achieved in winning the Bronze Medal is beyond words. The amount of training and hard work they have put in over the past years is staggering.

We at The Moray International Bonspiel Congratulate you both on what you have achieved!!