Final Positions Moray International Bonspiel 2013

14/04/2013 21:15

High Road

1st Sandra Moorcroft (Intoxicated)

2nd Steve McGingle

3rd Kenny Oswald

4th ECS

5th Ice Pict's

6th Robert Bremner

7th Lugano

8th Statoil Sweepers

9th Woo Woo Shakers

10th Finland

Low Road

1st Wheelies

2nd Harrikada 2

3rd Joan Reed

4th Round Up

5th Statoil Skrugard

6th Harrikada 1

7th Ronald Christie

8th Chassio

9th Gavin Nicol

10th Craigie and the 4 Virgins

Wooden Spoon

Winners: Craigie and the 4 Virgins