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18/01/2013 23:25
We have one space left for the 2013 Moray International Bonspiel. This year we will have Three teams from Switzerland, Two teams from Spain, Two teams from Norway and Half a team from Finland. And have other from the far end of England making the journey to play. And of course the local teams that...

One space left

16/01/2013 22:59
We have got one space left for Moray International Bonspiel 2013. We are a waiting final word from 3 teams who just ave to pay deposit and send in entry forms to secure their place. If you need any information regarding entry please email us.

Not many spaces left!

16/01/2013 00:03
We don't have many spaces left now. We could have a full compliment of 20 teams by end of the week.  We can confirm we now have a team from Spain coming to play this year.

Getting lots of interest.

14/01/2013 23:31
Getting lots of interest from teams wanting to come and play this year. Have another three teams signed up today. And am awaiting to here from Five oversees teams if they can make it. Which will only leave a few spaces left. So please get in touch if you are interested in coming with a...

We still have spaces left.

08/01/2013 12:28
We still have spaces left. If you want to come and play please get in touch. As the spaces are filling up.

Get in touch to enter a team!!

20/12/2012 12:26
Please get in touch if you want to entry a team as spaces are filling up.  

Get in touch if your thinking about entering a team

20/11/2012 23:57
If your thing about entering a team email if you need to know anything. Or if your coming to play yourself and want to make up a teamwith others let us know so we can sort you out.

PayPal Button

16/11/2012 00:11
There is a PayPal button at the bottom right hand side of page that should take you to PayPal and have the £80 deposit all set up for you to pay in to the Moray International Bonspiel account.

PayPal account set up for paying Deposits

16/11/2012 00:05
We have set up a PayPal account for anyone who wishes to pay their deposit this way.

Another Swiss team signed up

16/11/2012 00:02
We can comfirm another Swiss team has entered The Moray International Bonspiel.
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