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Individual Entry Sheet

15/11/2012 23:55
Entry form 2013 - Individual (1).doc (56,5 kB)

Entry Form

16/10/2012 23:47
Entry form 2013.docx (15,8 kB)

Lots of interest

16/10/2012 23:19
Lots of interest of people wanting to put a team in and people looking at coming along to make up at team. 10 teams are signed up already. So get your entry form and Deposit send through as soon as you can. 

Swiss Teams signed up

16/10/2012 23:04
Two of the first entries for the 5th Moray International Bonspiel have come from Swizerland. We look forward to having you over to compete.  

Disco booked for Saturday night

16/10/2012 23:00
There will be a Disco after the Dinner on Saturday.

5th Moray International Bonspiel

16/10/2012 22:36
The 5th Moray International Bonspiel will be held at Moray Leisure Centre, Elgin, on the weekend of 6/7 April 2013. This year we were going to bring the event into the tail end of the curling season, however, with other committments between the ice rink and the hotel, we weren't able to, so as...
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