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New Format for next year....?

14/04/2013 21:33
Hi Everyone, Looking at changing the format next year as in more games which would mean starting on the Friday and having the Sunday just for 2 High Road and Low Road games to find out the winners in both High and Low Roads. I can do this with 20 teams or increase the teams to 24 with 3 groups...

Final Positions Moray International Bonspiel 2013

14/04/2013 21:15
High Road 1st Sandra Moorcroft (Intoxicated) 2nd Steve McGingle 3rd Kenny Oswald 4th ECS 5th Ice Pict's 6th Robert Bremner 7th Lugano 8th Statoil Sweepers 9th Woo Woo Shakers 10th Finland Low Road 1st Wheelies 2nd Harrikada 2 3rd Joan Reed 4th Round Up 5th Statoil Skrugard 6th Harrikada 1 7th...

Send Pictures

11/04/2013 12:53
If anyone has any pictures that they want up on the website from the weekend please send them by email or send a disc if too many for email. Regards Andy

2013 Pictures

08/04/2013 23:33
Once we have received pictures from the photographer that we had taking pictures over the 2 days and others thats sending me the one they have taken I will put them up on the PhotoGallery page.

6th Moray International Bonspiel 2014

08/04/2013 23:18
For the 6th Moray International Bonspiel 2014 we are trying to start the curling on the Friday 4th April around 1200. This way we can have more games or even more teams with upping the Bonspiel up to 24 or 30 teams playing in 3 groups. Please get in touch with us if you have any thoughts on the...

6th Moray International Bonspiel 2014

08/04/2013 23:02
The date for the 6th Moray International Bonspiel 2014 will be held at Moray Leisure Centre, Elgin, on the weekend of the 4th, 5th and 6th April 2014. We look to build on from the 5th Moray International Bonspiel and are looking at extending from two days to tow and ahalf days of curling. As...

The Winners

08/04/2013 22:49
High Road Winners: Team Moorcroft Runners-up: Team McGingle 3rd: Team Oswald   Low Road Winners: Team Wheelies Runners-up: Team Harrikada 2 3rd: Team Reed Wooden Spoon Winners: Team Craigie and the 4 Virgins

The Draw for the 5th Moray International Bonspiel

17/03/2013 15:09
0900 start: Intoxicated v Statoil Sweepers, Harrikada 1 v Yeats, CC Lugano v Nicol, Christie v Lugano EUIUA, ECS v Reed. 1035 Start: Bremner v Craigie, Chiasso v Oswald, Ice Pict's v Harrikada 2, Statoil Skrugard v Wheelies Landgren v Woo Woo Shakers.

Friday Night get together for all teams

13/02/2013 22:26
We are having a get together at the Laichmoray hotel on the Firday(5th) night. This will be a meal and some drinks before the curling starts on the Saturday morning at 0900. The meal will be paid for by each person attending.  So if you want to attend please let me know my email or text. If...

2013 Moray International Bonspiel is FULL!

19/01/2013 20:38
The Last Place has been taken for this years Moray International Bonspiel. If you were wanting to enter a team please let me know in case we have a withdrawal and i can put your team on the waiting list for the Bonspiel. We still have a couple of spaces left to fill up a couple of teams...
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